Q: What if I miss a class? How do I make up a class if I missed it, like I missed this mornings class?


This is bootcamp babe....not your mom's house or a gym class! All kidding aside you can make up a missed class at any of the locations during the session you enlisted.  schedule 

Q:  How do I register for my First Class Free? 

A: Thank you for your interest & Welcome to Evolve Bootcamp!

To guarantee your bootcamp spot please register at our
Schedule & Registration Page 


You will receive a confirmation email with the date you'd like to participate on it.

Q: Where do we meet for bootcamp?

A: Evolve Bootcamp has established year round training in several outdoor locations throughout
Greater Boston offering morning and evening classes depending on the season

Our Location Meeting Areas Include:  (click the links below for directions)
Boston Common ~ Meet at Public Garden entrance / 84 Beacon St Between Charles & Arlington St - Across from Cheers
Jamaica Pond ~ Meet at Downes Field Parking Lot / 375 Pond Ave. Brookline, MA
Assembly Row ~ Meet at Starbucks parking lot / 300 Grand Union Blvd. Somerville, MA
Brookline ~  (Winter Only ) Lars Anderson parking lot on Goddard St
Sityodtong (indoors) ~ Sityodtong Muay Thai & MMA Academy /100 Broadway, Somerville,  MA

Q: What can I expect from a bootcamp class?

A: Evolve Bootcamp Outdoor Workouts: are highly crafted workouts offering a variety of movements and skill development designed daily to keep things FUN. Most all workouts will begin with a warm-up followed by dynamic stretching.

Specific muscle groups will be focused on, but for optimum results plan on a full body workout for total body toning complete with the use of medicine balls, resistance bands, undulating ropes, kettlebells and your own body weight (sometimes your partners).

High energy relay races, heart pumping cardio respiratory drills, interval based calisthenics, obstacle courses, circuit training, and plyometrics, are a given to reduce body fat and increase speed, agility, coordination and stamina.

Finishing strong with Pilates and Yoga based cool downs for core strength and flexibility. But most of all, you will receive the support of your fellow recruits and your coach who will keep you motivated and inspired by pushing you beyond your comfort zone boosting your overall fitness level to new heights!

Q: What should I wear & bring to bootcamp?

A: Please wear comfortable fitting clothes appropriate for each season.

Good sneakers &  gloves are recommended. Bring water  or a sports drink and a positive attitude with a smile

Q: How much will bootcamp cost?

A: Evolve Bootcamp has the best rates going by offering clients multiple options.  Choose what works best for you; either Class Passes or a Monthly Membership.

Q: What will be your #1 toughest lift during bootcamp?

A: Initially, getting your butt outta bed before the sunrises to make class.

Evolve Bootcamp classes start PROMPTLY at the scheduled times to ensure a full action packed workout. schedule 

On your first day to Evolve Bootcamp please arrive 10 minutes early for a short introduction and to review paperwork.

Q: I'm scared..... Do I have what it takes to do bootcamp?

A: Evolve Bootcamp is Recommended For All Fitness Levels
However, being able to walk a mile comfortably is recommended

*Please Note: You will be required to fill out a 9 page Health History, PAR-Q & Waiver Form and sign your life away. (Forms will be sent in your welcome letter upon registration)

Please review and answer all the questions on the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q). If you answered “YES” on two or more questions you will need a medical clearance from your doctor before attending.

All required forms are to be completed prior to participating in boot camp.

True or False :
Q: Evolve Bootcamp Outdoor Workouts Are RAIN or SHINE .

A: TRUE it's Bootcamp! .......the elements are what make bootcamp the hellishly, fun filled workout it is! .....if it's icy or snowing .....most likely I'll have you making snow angels or sneaker skating with a partner holding your coat tails

In all seriousness, we operate outside year round and only cancel for severe weather (lightening, hurricane, tornado, you get the idea?). A makeup class will be rescheduled during the same session. 

 For Cancellations and latest info "Like" Facebook & "Follow" on Twitter

# Why I Evolve...

Q:  I just purchased a Yelp or Groupon deal...... Now what do I do? 

A: Congratulations on buying a super deal & Welcome to Evolve Bootcamp!

To guarantee your bootcamp spot please register at our
Schedule & Registration Page 


Your voucher number and name will be referenced with our master list. Due to the high volume of people during such promotion we reserve the right to limit class sizes. 

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